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Hi, I’m Curran Galway, and I write novels. My favorite quote is:

The unexamined life is not worth living.



      1. Discover the clarity of Mindfulness.

You will be able to stay in the present moment as you breathe deeply and be more aware of the people and circumstances in your daily life. Take a moment during the day to stop and center. You can do this at work, during your lunch break, or while driving. Turn off the news and put on some uplifting music to help you be still and let go of stress. Your focus and productivity will improve.

  1. Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary.

Go out for a walk in nature and look for the wonders around you. Bring home symbols of creation to remind you of divine presence in all things.

  1. Expect an increased vitality and energy.

Your body will be healthier filled with divine energy and the joy of living life to the fullest. Sit beside a brook listening to the flow of water, or watch the waves on the shore and feel the powerful energy of the Source of life all around you.

  1. Experience the sacredness of all creation.

Take time to see through “divine eyes.” All is well and everything is right where it is supposed to be. Get up early and experience the sunrise or sunset in the evening trusting that the creator of all things holds everything together in harmony.

  1. Bask in the “divine embrace.”

By resting in the Mystery of life, you will understand who you really are and how deeply you are loved by Source. You will know a new sense of purpose. Sit in a comfy chair with a quilt wrapped around you. Be still and feel the warmth of divine love.

  1. Explore a direct connection and intimate communion with the Source of life.

You will receive important insights for personal transformation in your life. Stand outside on a clear night and witness the myriad of stars twinkling in the sky. Open to the height and breath of wisdom ready to inform and guide your life.

  1. Learn about a new way of being in then world.

All relationships are sacred and non-violent communication is key. Collaboration not competition is the divine way to resolution. Spend quality time with the people you love and practice the tools of compassion. Taking a walk, sitting before a fire, embarking on a vacation trip together with family and friends deepens the relationships.  

  1. Feel the deep peace the mystics write about.

You will be able to remain calm, to respond and not react in situations. Sitting in traffic, standing in line at the grocery store, listening to the neighbor’s barking dog, can be frustrating, but also an opportunity to breathe and stay calm. What you resist will persist. It is a choice to be still and not react.

  1. Time will expand.

There will be more time in your day than you thought possible.You will operate on Kairos (eternal) time not Chronos (clock) time. Start your day with a prayer focus on abundance. Make up your “to do” list then let it go trusting there will be enough time for everything to get done.

10. Enjoy a life filled with daily miracles.

 You will become aware of the eternal now breaking into your daily life. Watch for bumper stickers, images, symbols, words from books or dialogue in the movies for important divine messages. The Source of all life is communicating with you all day long and through many channels. Miracles are a natural spiritual phenomena that continue to happen all the time. Stay awake and witness the wonders.


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