Blog of an Ordinary Mystic

Blog of an Ordinary Mystic: Into the Heart of God
December 11, 2019

Deep in the stillness and silence of the dark early morning hours I wrap my prayer shawl around me and sit in my rocking chair ready to enter into the heart of God, the Source of my life, of all life.

Today while meditating I was prompted by the Spirit to begin the blog of an ordinary mystic. If you have read my second novel, “Ordinary Mystic: Practicing the Presence,” you know that over thirty years ago I had an extraordinary encounter with the Source of life while on retreat in the Santa Cruz mountains. The ecstasy of the unified field, the sacred communion I experienced that morning on the mountaintop continues to return to me when I meditate. The joy in feeling the peace of Christ within my soul is a power that carries me through each day of my journey in this world.

The definition of stillness from the old English is “silence.” When I become still I quiet down my mind and begin to sense more fully the presence of Source. Entering into the heart of God is not about a belief system. The good news is that I can feel the Divine Presence within me and all around me. I am talking about a direct experience of Source, the energy of love that can be felt.

The mystical connection is a direct encounter with Source and it is available to all. It is at the heart of all spirituality. This Source of life desires an intimate relationship with everyone. Very few people in the past were spiritually awake enough to have this sacred connection. Today more people are becoming aware of the experience that awaits them by taking the time to sit in stillness, go within the self to enter the Kingdom of God and discover the magnificence of interior divinity.

St. Mark tells us to “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest for a while.” (–Mark 6:31). Jesus modeled this action and invited his disciples to do as he did. In this special Christmas season when the earth and all creation awaits the outbreath of new birth, I invite you to rest in the inner stillness for a while. Let go of the busyness and allow yourself the simple pleasure of experiencing the love in the heart of God. It is as close as your breath.

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