The Aquarians Is a must-read for anyone wishing to experience (or re-experience) the 1970’s American dream. In search for their “true selves”, characters Milo, Mysti, Erin, and others embark on their own process of spiritual awakening. We, the readers, get to enjoy their journey.

Curran Galway masterfully sweeps us right along with the current of change that was prevalent in that time period. She shows us how the Spirit in all of us can lead us to a greater awareness of self no matter how varied our paths and goals.

Galway is a gifted story-teller, who touches the heart of her readers by helping us see that we all affect our greater world, no matter how desparate our orientation. Beautifully written and elegantly structured, we eagerly await the sequel!

Lisa Veto

A California Librarian


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